Stat Trackers - Tournament Leaders (Team Totals)
MCAC Women's Final Four

Field Goal %%    Field GoalsNum    3 Point %%
1Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  37.9     1Red River College Rebels  57     1Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  33.3 
2Red River College Rebels  35.6     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  43     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  30.4 
3University of Winnipeg Wesmen  34.4     3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  22     3Red River College Rebels  26.5 
4Providence University College Freemen  26.2     4Providence University College Freemen  17     4Providence University College Freemen  18.8 
3 Point GoalsNum    Free Throw %%    Free ThrowsNum
1University of Winnipeg Wesmen  14     1Providence University College Freemen  100     1Red River College Rebels  29 
2Red River College Rebels      2Red River College Rebels  61.7     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  22 
3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers      3University of Winnipeg Wesmen  59.5     3Providence University College Freemen  
4Providence University College Freemen      4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  14.3     4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  
ScoringNum    Bench ScoringNum    2nd Effort PointsNum
1Red River College Rebels  152     1Red River College Rebels  50     1Red River College Rebels  26 
2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  122     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  35     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  23 
3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  49     3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  10     3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  
4Providence University College Freemen  40     4Providence University College Freemen      4Providence University College Freemen  
Points in the PaintNum    Offensive ReboundsNum    Defensive ReboundsNum
1Red River College Rebels  52     1Red River College Rebels  45     1University of Winnipeg Wesmen  63 
2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  44     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  34     2Red River College Rebels  49 
3Providence University College Freemen  26     3Providence University College Freemen  20     3Providence University College Freemen  33 
4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  20     4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  11     4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  31 
Total ReboundsNum    Defensive AssistsNum    AssistsNum
1University of Winnipeg Wesmen  97     1     1Red River College Rebels  18 
2Red River College Rebels  94     2     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  17 
3Providence University College Freemen  53     3     3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  
4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  42     4     4Providence University College Freemen  
StealsNum    BlocksNum    Turn OversNum
1Red River College Rebels  47     1University of Winnipeg Wesmen      1University of Winnipeg Wesmen  58 
2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  28     2Red River College Rebels      2Red River College Rebels  37 
3Providence University College Freemen      3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers      3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  34 
4Canadian Mennonite University Blazers      4Providence University College Freemen      4Providence University College Freemen  33 
FoulsNum    ProductivityValue    Charges TakenNum
1University of Winnipeg Wesmen  35     1Red River College Rebels  143     1Red River College Rebels  
2Red River College Rebels  30     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  81.0     2University of Winnipeg Wesmen  
3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  18     3Canadian Mennonite University Blazers  16.5     3 
4Providence University College Freemen  16     4Providence University College Freemen  6.50     4