Stat Trackers - Tournament Summary
Marauders Classic

Tournament Standings

Linden Christian Wings301.00251 (83.7)155 (51.7)96 (32.0)45%71%58%
Daniel McIntyre Maroons21.666179 (59.7)160 (53.3)19 (6.3)41%54%47%
Grant Park Pirates21.666230 (76.7)203 (67.7)27 (9.0)43%60%53%
River East Kodiaks21.666184 (61.3)143 (47.7)41 (13.7)48%64%56%
St. Mary's Flames12.333182 (60.7)225 (75.0)-43 (-14.3)36%60%47%
U of W Collegiate Wesmen12.333141 (47.0)211 (70.3)-70 (-23.3)38%47%43%
Maples Marauders12.333202 (67.3)182 (60.7)20 (6.7)35%54%44%
John Taylor Pipers03.000100 (33.3)190 (63.3)-90 (-30.0)39%56%48%

Individual Game HighsTeam Highs
Most Pts:35M Kinzel (Linden Christian)  Most Pts:98Linden Christian (vs St. Mary's)
Most Fgm:15M Kinzel (Linden Christian)  Most Fgm:40Grant Park (vs U of W Collegiate)
Most Fga:33M Kinzel (Linden Christian)  Most Fga:104Linden Christian (vs Grant Park)
Most 3pm:8S Townsend (Linden Christian)  Most 3pm:12Linden Christian (vs St. Mary's)
Most 3pa:14B Bobychuk (Linden Christian)  Most 3pa:25Linden Christian (vs St. Mary's)
Most Ftm:8L Young (Grant Park)  Most Ftm:12Grant Park (vs Maples)
Most Fta:11L Young (Grant Park)  Most Fta:25Grant Park (vs Maples)
Best Fg%:66.6M Indome (St. Mary's)  Best Fg%:48.7Linden Christian (vs St. Mary's)
Best 3pt%:83.3M Kinzel (Linden Christian)  Best 3pt%:57.1Daniel McIntyre (vs U of W Collegiate)
Best Ft%:100.0K Sivertson (River East)  Best Ft%:87.5River East (vs St. Mary's)
Most Reb:19M Nociar (Grant Park)  Most Reb:64Linden Christian (vs Grant Park)
Most Orb:10F Osiname (U of W Collegiate)  Most Orb:35Linden Christian (vs Grant Park)
Most Drb:14E Mann (River East)  Most Drb:49River East (vs St. Mary's)
Most Ast:8B Bobychuk (Linden Christian)  Most Ast:17River East (vs St. Mary's)
Most Stl:8Multiple Players  Most Stl:32Daniel McIntyre (vs U of W Collegiate)
Most Blk:8J Besana (Maples)  Most Blk:8River East (vs John Taylor)
Best Prod:37.5M Kinzel (Linden Christian)  Best Prod:114.0Grant Park (vs U of W Collegiate)